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Sunday, October 23, 2005

This past weekend, I made my website so that it would respond correctly to at least two conditional types of conditional requests. The first was the "If-None-Match" header request. This was the easiest because all I had to do was compare the provided ETag with the current ETag. If they match, the server now responds with a 304 Not Modified response, and saves me some bandwidth, and speeds up the page. (Not that I need to save bandwidth. I paid for 15 GB of bandwith, but last month, I used less than 50MB. Google is only indexing the main page of my site for some odd reason.) Anyway, the second request type that I put into my site was the "If-Modified-Since" request. At first, I tried to write a regex that would extract the desired time info from the request header, but was unsuccessful in doing so. I resorted to comparing the received string with the string that would be sent normally. I just found the php function strtodate(), and think I will use that instead of comparing strings.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Today, I took the ACT test. I found it to be very difficult. There was not one section that I finished all of the questions in. The time that they allow, is not enough, in my opinion.

At work today, at around 9:00, we had cleaned up everything, and there was virtually nothing to do. I pretty much just stood around for about an hour doing nothing. I could have gone home, but that would have meant losing about $8 off of my paycheck. I took home with me a "white pizza", which has spinach on it, and not normal pizza sauce. I don't know exactly what's on it because I haven't yet worked at the pizza table where they put the toppings on the pizza.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I just got home from taking the PSAT, which supposedly can get you scholarships for college. Some of the questions on it seemed more difficult than those on the SAT. There was no writing section. There were three math questions that I didn't have enough time to answer, one of them I would've answered instantly if I'd had my calculator with me. I seem to have misplaced my calculator, and have gone the entire week without it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

This is old news, but I don't think that I mentioned it. I have my driver's license. I got it on December 14, 2004. The reason I am mentioning it now is that when I was at Cross Country practice today, there was someone who had no clue that I drove. I also hadn't been keeping up with my blog when I got my license.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

This morning, I took the SAT. It was the new one with the writing section. I had to sign a statement that I wouldn't disclose any of the questions, so I can't say what the questions were. This was my first time taking the test. Next weekend, I have to take the PSAT, and the weekend after, I have to take the ACT. Lots of tests.

I am attempting to get Google to index my site, but they only have the main page, and not any of the pages of my somewhat new naming scheme (all of the links to a directory). I get a few page hits from MSN Search, but none from Google.