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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I just bought 15 computer games. Some of them are different versions of the same one, so it's more like 12. The reason that I got them was so that I could look at the source for them. I bought the "Valve Complete Pack" from VALVe through Steam, their program that makes sure that no pirate copies of their games are made (it obviously isn't very effective. Prior to buying these games, I had a not-so-legal version of Half-Life 2. The fact that they let you see the source is what made me buy it.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I just found out that the flash drive I bought less than 2 weeks ago is now $20 cheaper. If I had only waited 2 weeks. :( I have to mail the rebate form in tomorrow. It says that I have to be 18 to be eligible for the rebate, but I won't tell them that I am not.

In programming class, I really wish I had a knowledgeable teacher. This stuff is very difficult to try to understand without being able to ask questions and have it explained by a person. I am about to start chapter 5 in the book, though I haven't told my teacher. The person who sits next to me and I have decided that we will go ahead in the book without informing our teacher, and doing the exercises when the rest of the class does so. We don't know which ones she will assign, and we certainly won't do all 20 that are in the book. She usually assigns somewhere between 4 and 5 exercises

I have been, in my own time, trying to learn assembly language -- the closest language to using straight 0's and 1's. It is slightly difficult to understand. The processor does simple tasks such as adding, multiplying, moving values around, and doing stuff such as ANDing, ORing, and XORing. It also does some parallel processing. For example, when an instruction is executed, the a value is automatically incremented.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It appears that Google has finally indexed my site. It is 2 weeks since I have fixed the error in which the site would tell everyone that it hadn't been modified since the last time they visited.

My Advanced Programming class is going very slowly. We only can move on a day after 60% of the five-person class is finished with the chapter. I was finished with Chapter 2 when others hadn't even started it yet. My teacher said that I couldn't go on to the next chapter, so I've spent the last couple of days hurrying along the people who haven't finished yet.

Today, a transfer completed from my checking account to PayPal. It takes a long time for these things, like four business days. Today, I ordered a 1 GB flash drive from NewEgg. It is cost $70 with a mail-in $15 rebate. It will probably arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I bought it so that I can transfer all my files from home to school, and the other way around without getting in trouble and getting myself suspended for using Remote Desktop.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am currently at school. They have re-enabled my computer access. My dad said that he talked to my AP and that he found that they wanted to suspend me, but that someone vouched for me. They removed all the files from my userspace, but at least I have access again. They said they still have my files if I need any of them. The only one I will probably need is a paper I wrote at school right before winter break, and never had on my home computer. I imagine that they will be watching me like a hawk from now on, though.