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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Naval Academy Summer Seminar

I just got back from the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, and am detailing what happened to me. I'll be publishing this, then adding to the end of it, as it will take a while to write.

Naval Academy Summer Seminar

I just got back from NASS. As I posted before I left, I didn't know I was going to go until 3 days before the fact. The night before, I got very little sleep, as I had to pack, and had gotten back from work around midnight. I got maybe an hour of sleep. I live in Stafford, Virginia, and the Naval Academy is in Annapolis, Maryland. It was about a 3-hour drive because of traffic.

Day 1 - Saturday, 17 June 2006

When I got to the Naval Academy, my dad walked me to the building where we signed in, and then he left. When I signed in, the midshipman who was at the sign-in table told me that everyone was Sir, or Ma'am, and that shirts had to be tucked in. She also informed me that I was in Delta Company. Next, another midshipman took me and other candidates to Bancroft Hall, the largest dormitory complex in the nation. We were told where our rooms were, and to drop off our stuff there. After dropping off my stuff in my room, I went back downstairs where there were several lines along the walls for different activities. First, I got in the line to eat lunch. There were all types of meat and sandwich makings on the table to make oneself a sandwich. The food was very decent. After eating, I went back up to my room to see if my roommate had arrived at the Academy yet. He had not, so I got in the line for a tour of the Academy. After waiting in that line for almost an hour, I got a very brief tour. After the tour, I once again went to my room to see if my roommate had arrived. He had. His name was Esteban, and he was from Puerto Rico. After I met him, I had no option except to get in the line to play sports. The sports were uneventful. After the sports, we were told to get into our dark blue shirts. I hadn't been issued any shirts, so I asked where we were supposed to get it. They said that it should be in our rooms, but took note that there had been none in my room. Later, when I was sitting in my room, a midshipman came into my room with some but not of all my clothes, which were size small. I wear large. She said that she was doing her best to get all the gear problems sorted out. It really got on my nerves that they got the gear problems wrong, but I couldn't complain to anyone besides my roommate because it would look bad.

After putting on my small shirt, we lined up in a formation, and went off to dinner. When we got to the dining hall, we stood behind our chairs, and I was the person to seat everyone in my squad by yelling, "Squad take ... seats". After we ate, we had what they called intramurals, where my squad played another squad in ultimate Frisbee. I hurt my back in the game, which I felt the next couple of days. My team lost, though we did score a few points. After that, we went to a briefing where the companies made lots of noise to see who was the most spirited. Then we were told what was going to happen during the week, and that our one job to do in the week was to decide if the United States Naval Academy is the school for us. They also passed out pieces of paper that we had to memorize by Wednesday. After that, we went back to Bancroft Hall (the dormitories) and had Blue and Gold, which is where everyone counts off to see how many of us there are, and then we sing the Naval Academy's alma mater. Then it is off to bed after being told by our squad leaders what to wear tomorrow.

Day 2 - Saturday, 18 June 2006

Update: 10 Mar 2008: I see that there are many hits on this post. To avoid people reloading this page, I am leaving this note: I never got around to finishing this post. By this time, I have forgotten much of what I would have written.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Invitation to Naval Academy Summer Seminar

Monday, I got a message on the phone saying that I could go to the Naval Academy Summer Seminar. I had originally applied in February, and was rejected. I suppose that someone they offered it to originally couldn't go or something. They gave me 4 days notice. I had to cancel my planned trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, reschedule my white-water rafting trip, reschedule my medical exam, and find someone to work for me on Saturday. I am not sure yet if I have done the last one. I have asked someone if he can work my shift for me, but have yet to receive a response.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Adsense

I just got a Google Adsense account. I hope that my web site will be able to support itself from ad revenue. I hope that while people are viewing my most popular page, an assignment that I posted to my website, they will click the ads. I had originally attempted to get an account when I was 16, but they wouldn't let me until I was 18, which I now am.