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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Past Month

I haven't posted in over a month. Quite a bit has happened in this time. I was contacted via AIM by the person who got me out of trouble when I was caught using Remote Desktop to connect to my computer at home from school. She said that there was an internship position opening up in the Technology department of Stafford County Public Schools. It looked interesting to me, so I followed up on it. I called to inquire about it, and was told to send an email detailing everything I had ever done with or on a computer. I wrote up a rough email, and sent it off. I didn't hear back for a week, but eventually got an interview worked out. I was still working at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, VA. I arrived at my interview after work at Dahlgren. I didn't have a chance to change for the interview. The interview went pretty well. They asked me some questions about myself, then asked me some technical questions to test my skill. I was told that my outfit was unacceptable, and probably wouldn't have gotten the job if I hadn't been able to impress the person who asked the technical questions. The next day I told my boss at Dahlgren that I wouldn't be there after that day. When my boss at Dahlgren hired me, he said that I could quit at any time, and that also he could fire me at any time. I found that he didn't really mean what he said, but there was nothing that could be done. I showed up at my new job the following Monday.

I love my new job. I get to work with and fix computers. All my playing around with computers is finally paying off -- quite literally. At my job, I do what I love to do, and would normally do for free. I actually did do it for free at one point. In my freshman year of high school, I went to a private school -- Calvary Christian School -- where I was the person called on to help anyone out with computer problems. I became good friends with my high school principal, and got to spend a lot of time in his office, and fix his computer whenever it broke. I'll say it again, I love my job!

This week, my classes started at NOVA and Germanna. I am taking calculus at Germanna and physics at NOVA. I was going to take both of these at my high school, but there were too few people enrolled in those classes for the school to have them. I still need to get the book for my calculus class. The book store at the college is out of the book, and I don't know where else to get one. It turns out to be a good thing that I'm taking those classes at community colleges because it allows for time in the day when I can do my internship with the Technology department of Stafford County Public Schools. I have a 3-hour block every other day in which I can do my internship because I don't have any class during 2 sequential blocks. There is a small amount of concern about whether the school will allow this, but I believe that it will all work out. This does, however mean that my schedule booked to the limit. My days will look something like this:

6:45 a.m.get up and get ready for the day
7:40 a.m.report at work
10:40 a.m.report at school
2:30 p.m.report to sports practice
6:00 p.m.report to class at community college
late at nightto go bed
I may also need to continue working at Sam's Pizza and Subs because I will not be able to get very many hours in at my internship.