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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life Since School Started

Well, school has started, and I have been going to my classes at NOVA and Germanna. My schedule worked out pretty nicely. My school has block scheduling. There are four blocks in the day, each lasting 85 minutes. Some classes are a semester long, and other classes are year-long. The year-long classes meet every other day. The days are divided up into X-days and Y-days. On X-days, I have Dual Enrollment English first block and AP Statistics second block. On Y-days, I have my internship with the Technology Department of the school system. I have Introduction to Engineering third block, and I have Principles of Technology fourth block every day for the first semester. After school, I have Cross Country practice. I then have Physics or Calculus in the evenings, depending on the day.

My internship is going well, and as far as I can tell, I'm doing a good job. Since school started, my job has changed slightly from doing some large task to helping people out with their individual computer problems. I have been able to fix most of the problems I have come across.

Cross Country is fun as always, but unfortunately I'm not as fast as I was last year. This is because I had been working in the last few weeks of summer, and didn't go to the practices that were held, as I had done last summer. As an example, yesterday, I ran 9:22 in a race that I ran in 9 minutes flat last year. I hope that I can work up to where I was last year. I'm considering doing winter track, and not swimming because I don't want to have to start all over when spring track comes around.

I have begun work on a web site for my school's National Honor Society. I bought two domains: mvnhs.us and mvnhs.net, as .com and .org were already taken. For now, I'm using the design of my site, as I don't yet have one for the NHS site. This will be my first web site for an organization, and I hope that they will like it, and use it, even after I am graduated and gone from the school. I'm going to try a CSS-powered pop-up navigation implementation developed by Steve Gibson, author of SpinRite software. It does work in Internet Explorer; something that few or no other CSS menus do. The current NHS design is destroyed by Internet Explorer, but that will have to be fixed, as it is the prominent browser.

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