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Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Injured Leg

Last Saturday I was at the Oaklands Cross Country race. This was one that I didn't do particularly well on last year. At that time he said that I needed to try harder. This year, I have been consistently slower than last year due to my not starting practicing until school started because of my job. In recent weeks, I have been trying exceptionally hard in practice to reach the point I was at the end of last year's Cross Country season. My best time last year was 18:37 in the Regional race. I almost go to run the state race, but one of my teammates who had been injured ran instead. At the Oaklands race last year, the times were messed up and I didn't get mine. This year I ran the JV race because there are so many people on the team. I was in the top 20 for quite some time. As a matter of fact, I was the first person on our team in the race. Unfortunately, a little after the 2-mile mark, my leg started hurting me. This happened a little before the infamously steep and long hill. I ran up the hill, but my leg hurt more and more. I slowed down because it hurt to run. My coach told me from the sideline that if I wanted it, I had to go now. A couple seconds later, one of my teammates passed me. I jogged my way to the finish, being passed by more than 50 people in the process. My time was 20:05. My teammate who passed me got 19th place, and got a medal. His time was something like 19:18. My muscles weren't tired, but the outside of my leg hurt immensely. I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to finish as well as I wanted to. I have never gotten a medal in a Cross Country race. I believe that I could have last week if my leg hadn't started hurting.

After the race, I saw my coach, and he told me to see the trainer at the finish line. The trainer said that it was probably my tendons and something about tendonitis. He gave me a pair of crutches, and told me to stay off of my leg, and to see the trainer at my school on Monday. On Monday, the trainer at my school said it was muscle overuse, and that I should try to get off the crutches as soon as possible. I went back to the trainer every day this week, and he put a heating pad on my leg for about 10 minutes each time. He would ask me why I was still on the crutches, though I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. As of now, I can walk on my leg a little bit, but I limp when I do so. It also hurts to do so. I hope that I will still be able to run this season. It is my last in high school as I'm a senior this year. I can't say, "Well, there's always next year" because there isn't.

Today I watched the Octoberfest race at Great Meadows park. This was one race I really wished to participate in. It was a slow race, and the track was very muddy. It was miserably cold, and raining. I say it was a slow race because the winning time for the Boys Varsity A race was 17:10, and in past years, times near 15:45 have been the winning times. Last year, my time at Octoberfest was 19:13.

Windows Vista RC1

I've been testing RC1 of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista. The user interface has been updated to take advantage of graphics capabilities with the new Aero interface. The new version has more than that, however, it has a new integrated search into the start menu. The search tool shows results as you type.

Vista seems to be pretty reliable. I've only had it crash once or twice since I've been running it. My favorite feature since I don't have very much RAM is the ReadyBoost technology. It allows you to plug in a USB flash drive to extend the memory of the system. Flash is faster than a hard disk, but slower than RAM. ReadyBoost noticeably increases the speed of the system.

I am about to install RC2 of Vista. It was released yesterday, and I've been downloading it for the past few hours. Hopefully it will have many performance tweaks.