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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coming Home for Thanksgiving

I got my plane ticket a little over a week ago. This morning, I was waiting for a shuttle to the Airport that was supposed to leave the school at 8:00. It was not there at 8:00, so I asked the person in the transportation office if it was coming. She assured me that it was. I asked her again a couple times in 10-minute intervals. Finally at 8:30, I asked her to call and get an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for the bus. She called, and they claimed to have been there at 8:03. There were 6 of us waiting for the shuttle. My flight was at 9:30, so I had to get there very soon.

I called my friend who had a vehicle, and asked him if he had left yet, and if he hadn't, if he could drive me to the airport. He was just leaving, so he drove me. I got to the airport with little time to spare. I checked my bags, from which I had to remove my laptop computer to carry on since it made the bag too heavy, and went through security. I arrived at my gate 15 minutes after the boarding process was supposed to start, so was quite concerned as the the door was closed when I arrived. I asked the lady at the counter if my flight had boarded yet, and she said that it would be in a few minutes.

I flew from Albany, connected in Philadelphia with a 3-hour layover, finally arriving in Baltimore. The flight from Albany to Philadelphia was an hour long on a propeller plane, and the flight from Philadelphia to Baltimore was only 20 minutes on a small jet.

I actually spent more time in traffic getting home from BWI than I did in the air. Anyway, I'm happy to be home. It's good to see my family.

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