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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gone Are My Teen Years

Today, I am no longer a teenager. This makes me somewhat sad, but looking at the definition of teenager, and especially the lower realm of qualification, I'd say that I don't really fit the description. I'm not sure that I really ever was the stereotypical teenager. I don't remember behaving as stubbornly as I see some of the few teenagers in my life behaving.

At any point in my life, the "level" above (or ahead of) me seems to be quite far off. When I look at the "level" behind me, (or rather the people that could represent this "level,") they seem to be very young. When I look back at myself when I was at that level, not much seems to be different than the current "level"; it seems as if my "level" is a constant that is just being redefined as I go through life.

Along the same lines, my grandfather recently said to me that he thought that I had "matured very nicely" (or something to that effect.) Now, I don't know what the proper definition of "maturity" in this context is, but it doesn't seem to me that my thought processes have changed much in the past several years. Rather, I think that I have just discovered ways to speak my mind without causing controversy (which is probably known as rhetoric), and have chosen to hold my tongue much more often that I had when I was much younger. (I can think of at least one prominent time that I should have held my tongue, but this particular instance was more than a decade ago.

Notice: I started this post on my twentieth birthday, but never got around to pressing the "Publish" button until now, three months later, 28 Aug 2008 @ 2057 EDT (UTC -0400).

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